Step 1: Research Your Options & Make A Plan

(No later than October of your final year of Secondary School)


Step 2: Apply Online

(early November 2018 to early January 2019)

  • Apply online at the Ontario Universities Application Centre’s (OUAC) website by January 16, 2019
    • Include a valid and unique e-mail address that only you can access/use. McMaster and many Ontario universities use email to send important information.
    • Adding to your safe sender/trusted list on your e-mail client to ensure our messages are not marked as spam.
  • Apply before the recommended deadline to ensure your application is processed without delays.
    • Applying beyond January 16, 2019 (via OUAC) is still possible, to programs which do not have a mandatory supplementary application deadline that has passed.
    • Adding/changing a McMaster program choice after January is also possible via OUAC’s ‘Review and Change’ function.
  • Submit a Supplementary Application, if required.
    • All Level I programs are GRADES ONLY admission. Only the following Level I programs require/allow a Supplementary Application:
      • Arts and Science
      • Engineering
      • Integrated Business & Humanities
      • Integrated Science
      • iBioMed – Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
      • Health Sciences
      • Midwifery (Multiple Mini Interviews)
      • Nursing (CASPer Test)
      • Music (Audition)
      • Studio Art (Portfolio Interview)
  • Review McMaster’s Statement for Application Fraud

Step 3: Stay Informed After Applying

(January to May 2018)

Step 4: Review Decision (Accept Your Offer)

(by June 1 for current full-time Ontario secondary school students or the deadline listed on your offer letter)

  • Download your admission decision letter on McMaster’s Applicant Portal
    • Admission decisions are posted in late February to early May for programs that do not require a supplementary application.
    • Applications are reassessed in April (upon receipt of second semester mid-term grades
  • Review the conditions of any offer(s) you receive (from McMaster or elsewhere)
    • Ontario students must complete the following conditions by June 30 (or the specific date listed on McMaster’s offer of admission letter):
      • Complete the required courses for the program you will be entering
      • Complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (and its associated requirements)
      • Maintain the minimum average noted on your offer of admission letter
  • Accept your offer on OUAC by the deadline listed on your offer of admission letter (see OUAC video)
  • Complete the online Residence Application (including deposit) by 4pm on the June 3, 2019 response deadline (if applicable).

Step 5: Attend Orientation

(June to August 2019)

Visit to review McMaster’s ‘Quick Start’ Guide for New Students. Listed below is an overview of some of the major action items on McMaster’s ‘Quick Start’ website:

  • Review our Undergraduate Calendar for an overview of courses in your first year
    (and beyond)
  • Register (select classes, schedule, pay fees, setup email, etc.) as a new McMaster student
  • Participate in summer orientations events offered by our Student Success Centre
  • Receive Residence Building & Roommate allocation details from the Housing Office (if you applied to residence)
  • Pay fees
  • Submit financial aid applications
  • Start classes and orient yourself to university life during Welcome Week