Supplementary Applications

What are Supplementary Applications?

Supplementary applications are extra components that accompany some of our program applications. They help us learn more about you.

The format and requirements for each supplementary application vary depending on the program. Some are called “Auditions” or “Electronic Creative Submissions,” which have different requirements.  Make sure that you’re aware of the requirements and deadlines for each program application.

What programs have Supplementary Applications and when are they due?

Level I Programs with a Supplementary Application:

Above Level I Programs with a Supplementary Application:

Important information about Supplementary Applications

If you’re submitting a supplementary application, here are a few important considerations:

  • Your supplementary application status may not show as “Complete” on your checklist until after the supplementary application deadline.
  • Faculty of Engineering supplementary applications are completed through the Kira Talent platform. If you’re applying to multiple programs within the Faculty, you only need to complete the Kira Talent supplementary application once.
  • If you’re applying to Midwifery and/or multiple McMaster Nursing sites (McMaster/Mohawk), you only have to complete CASPer once.