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Student Testimonials

Brad Keslick

Brad Keslick

“What intrigued me about Social Psychology was the small program size, program-specific content, and exploration of Psychology and Sociology as their own independent programs…The benefit of my program allowing for broad fields of study meant I had options when I graduated.” Read more about Brad

Natasha Dao

Natasha Dao

“I recently graduated from the Labour Studies program with a minor in Geography and Earth Studies. Right out of school I was hired by the City of Hamilton as their Youth Engager…The Social Sciences program is unique because of how much flexibility it gives in first year.” Read more about Natasha

Your Classes

Want to take a look at this year’s offerings and build a mock schedule? You can use McMaster’s MyTimetable tool to pick from Mac’s entire course offerings this year.


How does it work? Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Pick a semester where the yellow box appears.
  • Step 2: Start searching for classes in the box that appears. Don’t know where to start? You can type out subjects, such as “English” or “Physics,” or pick from the courses listed here.
  • Step 3: Pick your classes and times. When you find a class that you like, click on it and it will appear in the calendar on the left. You can pick different tutorial and lecture times to fit the classes you want. When you find a class and times that you like, click on it in the calendar to pin it in place.
  • Step 4: Fill out your schedule and save the URL. Keep picking classes and times until you have your schedule of 18 units (this is usually five courses per semester). Once you’re finished, save your URL so you can come back and see what you’ve built.

Most degree programs in the Faculty require only one or two 3 unit (one term) courses to apply. This means there can be many potential outcomes from Level I.

SOC SCI 1SS3 – Inquiry in the Social Sciences

SOC SCI 1SS3 is taught in small seminar classes of about 30 students and provides an opportunity for students to learn how to ask good questions, search out and evaluate evidence, develop well-reasoned conclusions and present their outcomes to the class.

This class provides valuable foundational research and writing skills. Research has shown that students who complete SOC SCI 1SS3 receive higher grades in university courses, complete their degrees on time and are more likely to obtain Dean’s Honour List standing.

Recent SOCSCI 1SS3 topics include:

  • Human and Animal Trafficking
  • Wealth, Poverty & Welfare State
  • The Problem with Gender
  • Conspiracy Theories

SOC SCI 1T03 – Life, the University and Everything

SOC SCI 1T03 is taught in the fall term, with a goal to help new students develop the most crucial skills and habits needed to success during their adjustment to university. By taking SOCSCI 1T03, students will develop a much stronger sense of their academic interests and goals.

These classes both provide valuable foundational skills. Research has shown that students who complete these courses receive higher grades in university courses, complete their degrees on time and are more likely to obtain Dean’s Honour List standing.

Learn more about Social Sciences I requirements.

After Level I you will further develop your academic interests. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers three and four-year Bachelor of Arts and four-year Bachelor of Social Work degrees. You can choose from one (or two) of our innovative programs:

McMaster / Mohawk Affiliated Certificates

The best of both worlds – earn a certificate from Mohawk College while completing your 4-year Honours Social Sciences degree! 

The McMaster/Mohawk Affiliated certificates can be paired with any Social Sciences program and all classes are taught on the McMaster campus, so there is no need for extra travelling. The best part? Your Mohawk certificate is completed using your McMaster electives, which means no additional time is needed to complete your degree/certificate AND no additional fees are incurred.

Currently, we offer three affiliated certificates:

For a full list of courses that can be available in this program, please consult the academic calendar.