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Admissions requirements


To enter Music I, students must meet the Humanities admission requirements and pass an audition consisting of a performance (the minimum level required for both equates to Royal Conservatory of Music Honours Grade 8), a theory test (equivalent to RCM Advanced Rudiments), as well as an ear-training test. Most auditions take place between February and April. For more information, please visit the Humanities website.

Your Classes

Want to take a look at this year’s offerings and build a mock schedule? You can use McMaster’s MyTimetable tool to pick from Mac’s entire course offerings this year.


How does it work? Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Pick a semester where the yellow box appears.
  • Step 2: Start searching for classes in the box that appears. Don’t know where to start? You can type out subjects, such as “English” or “Physics,” or pick from the courses listed here.
  • Step 3: Pick your classes and times. When you find a class that you like, click on it and it will appear in the calendar on the left. You can pick different tutorial and lecture times to fit the classes you want. When you find a class and times that you like, click on it in the calendar to pin it in place.
  • Step 4: Fill out your schedule and save the URL. Keep picking classes and times until you have your schedule (this is usually five courses per semester). Once you’re finished, save your URL so you can come back and see what you’ve built.

Learn about your first-year course requirements, and course options.

The following degree options are available to students within Music:

  • Honours Bachelor of Music
  • Honours Bachelor of Music (Music Cognition)
  • Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music and Another Subject
  • Bachelor of Arts Music
  • Minor in Music

Diploma in Music Performance

The Diploma recognizes a concentration in the area of music performance and can be completed concurrently with a Music degree or with a degree in another subject. Students who are not in the Music program must complete an audition before being admitted to the Diploma.

Students take solo performance courses and accompanying and chamber music, leading up to the special final year solo performance course Music 4E09, which culminates in a recital presentation of approximately forty minutes duration. Since Music 4E09 may not be used for credit towards any McMaster degree, students pursuing the Diploma must plan their work to accommodate nine extra units.

For a full list of courses that can be available in this program, please consult the academic calendar.