Contact an International Recruiter

A headshot of McMaster team member Jerry

Jerry Jien

Senior Recruitment Officer

Hi! I’m Jerry. I’m passionate about personalizing the university application process and love seeing students transform from qualified applicants to inspirational leaders in the community. I look forward to sharing many of the opportunities that McMaster has to offer.

Regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Canada

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin

A headshot of McMaster team member Yessica

Yessica Ramirez

Recruitment Officer

Hi, I’m Yessica. Born and raised in Colombia, I started travelling at a young age and have been to over 50 countries. I’m passionate about networking and providing an exceptional recruitment experience to our students. I look forward to meeting you!

Regions: Africa

Spoken Languages: English and Spanish

A headshot of McMaster team member Andy

Andy Moonsammy

Recruitment Officer

Born and raised in Guyana, Andy loves to travel and has visited almost 40 countries and 25 states within the USA. He is delighted to discuss student life, McMaster programs, and even share tips on all the exciting activities and spots to enjoy outside of classes in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Regions: US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Spoken Language: English

Prerna Tripathi

Recruitment Officer

Hi! I am McMaster’s representative in India, currently living in New Dehli. I have a passion for taking the goals and aspirations of individual students and providing helping them find the best program for their future.

Regions: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi

Leyla Zhang

Recruitment Officer

Born and raised China and came to Canada in 2014 to pursue my MA degree in Education. With a strong passion for international student education, I understand the difficulties and challenges that international students may face in Canada, and with a deep knowledge of the Canadian higher education system.

Regions: China (North)

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin

Sharon Yang

Recruitment Officer

Born and raised in China, I earned my BA and MSc degree in Business and Human Resources Management in the United Kingdom. My professional journey is rooted in the higher education industry, where I’ve dedicated the past six years to helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. I bring a wealth of knowledge and I am excited about the opportunity to support your post-secondary aspirations.

Regions: China (South), Hong Kong, Macau

Spoken Languages:  English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Michelle Gallera Dias

Recruitment Officer

Hi! I’m a passionate individual who loves to travel, meet new people, and experience new cultures, as well as golfing, archery, embroidery and pottery. As a newcomer to Canada myself, I understand the needs of international students and help high school students make informed decisions about their post-secondary journey, while providing a seamless transition to Canada and McMaster University.

Regions: South America, Turkey and Jordan

Spoken Languages: English, Portuguese

Wardaj Faruqui

Recruitment Officer

Born and raised in Dubai, I bring a multicultural perspective to student recruitment. I am passionate about supporting students and their transition into Canada and McMaster University, and celebrating diversity (often through food, as a self-proclaimed foodie) along the way.

Regions: Middle East (except Turkey and Jordan) and Pakistan

Spoken Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi and Bangla

Nicole Stanfield

Student Services Professional

My first big overseas experience was a year spent in China after graduating high school. Since then, I have worked with international students both in Canada and abroad and I understand how difficult it can be to navigate your way in another country. I hope to provide you with a more personal connection to McMaster while clarifying the process of application and admission. I know a little help can go a long way – and I am here to help you! 

Regions: Europe

Spoken Language: English

Tobi Stilwell

Student Services Professional

With over a decade of customer service experience, I strive to make the transition to university as smooth as possible. My passion lies in helping prospective applicants navigate this transitional period, and finding the best fit for you, the student! As a McMaster Alumni myself (Linguistics with a minor in German studies), and I will be able to speak on student life with as much enthusiasm as I bring to my work.

Regions: Australia, New Zealand, and Central Asia

Spoken Languages: English