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Check the applicant portal for your to-do list

Your applicant portal will have your list of what to submit to complete your application.

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Supplementary applications vary by program. Instructions will be emailed to you. Your supplementary application does not appear in your applicant portal.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know what documents you need for each checklist item?

Please review the “description” column for the full details on what we are looking for. Only submit the document once the information requested is available. Please note: official documents are not needed at this time. If you have access to the information, simply upload it on the student portal.

I completed my checklist. When will I get a decision?

Waiting for a decision is the hardest part! We appreciate your patience.

Admission decisions are typically released from mid-March through to early May.

I submitted my supplementary application but it still says “notified.” What do I do?

The supplementary application status on your account will be updated 3-4 weeks after the supplementary application deadline. A status of “notified” is normal! As long as you have received a confirmation at the time of your supplementary application submission, you are good to go.


I uploaded my document but it still says it’s required. Did it not send successfully?

As noted in the pop-up box at the time of submission, if you have submitted the document successfully, we will need time to process the document. We will only update your checklist item once it has been processed by our Admissions team. Please do not resubmit your document as that will put you to the back of the processing queue.