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    Dates & Deadlines
    Completing your application by the appropriate deadline(s) will ensure that it is processed without unnecessary delays. Please use this chart to review all of our important dates & deadlines.
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    Admission Requirements

    Use our admission requirements search tool to determine the minimum average, English proficiency requirements, application information, required courses and other important information about students from your region.
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    Admission Process
    Are you interested in studying at McMaster but you are not quite sure where to start?  Our ‘Next Steps’ page offers an overview of McMaster’s Admission process for secondary school and non-secondary school students.

Are you interested in attending McMaster University but unsure where to start? Please use the links above to help you through the admission process. We have outlined the necessary actions into easy steps, highlighted important dates and deadlines, and created a database of admission requirements for your information. By taking these steps, completing required actions in the correct time-frame, and meeting the minimum requirements, you should find the process of pursing undergraduate studies to McMaster less challenging.

Graduate Admission

For more information on our Master, PhD or other higher level degree programs, please visit McMaster’s School of Graduate Studies website.

Continuing Education

McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education (based in downtown Hamilton) offers a variety of programs for students who have completed a university degree or are looking for professional development training/courses. For a complete list of program/training offerings, please visit our Centre for Continuing Education website.