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Jerry Jien, Senior Recruitment Officer

Hi! I’m Jerry. I’m passionate about personalizing the university application process and love seeing students transform from qualified applicants to inspirational leaders in the community. I look forward to sharing many of the opportunities that McMaster has to offer.

Regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australasia

Spoken languages: English, Mandarin

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Ray Wang, Recruitment Officer

Headshot of McMaster team member Ray

Hi! I’m originally from China but have studied and lived in the UK, Estonia, Sweden, Canada and South Korea. Having lived overseas for many years, I know firsthand the transition and challenges that international students may experience when adjusting to their new life in Canada. I’m excited to share with you and your family and explore your options.

Regions: China, Hong Kong

Spoken languages: English, Mandarin

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Leyla Zhang, Recruitment Officer

Leyla was born and raised up in China and came to Canada in 2014 to pursue her MA degree in Education. With a strong passion for international student education, Leyla understands the difficulties and challenges that international students may face in Canada, and with a deep knowledge of of the Canadian higher education system.

Regions: China

Spoken languages: English, Mandarin

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Andy Moonsammy, Recruitment Officer

Hi! I’m a two-time McMaster grad and veteran member of the Recruitment Team, having supported students in almost 40 countries for more than 13 years. I’m delighted to share tips on all the exciting activities and spots to enjoy outside of classes in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Regions: The Americas (excluding Spanish-speaking Latin America)

Languages: English, English Creole

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Prerna Tripathi, Recruitment Officer

Hi! I am McMaster’s representative in India, currently living in New Dehli. I have a passion for taking the goals and aspirations of individual students and providing helping them find the best program for their future. If you do not see any available time slots, please e-mail with a list of preferred options and she will respond with further instructions.

Regions: South Asia

Spoken languages: English, Hindi

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Yessica Ramirez, Recruitment Officer

Hi, I’m Yessica. Born and raised in Colombia, I started travelling at a young age and have been to over 50 countries. I’m passionate about networking and providing an exceptional recruitment experience to our students. I look forward to meeting you!

Regions: Latin America, Africa, Middle East

Spoken languages: English and Spanish

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