Dining & Meal Plans

Whether you are living in residence or off-campus, finding a place to eat at McMaster is simple and convenient. At our various dining locations on campus, vegetarian choices, international food menus, nutritious options as well as quick snacks are offered to accommodate the diversity of student needs. Most food stations provide fresh, made-to-order selections. A sampling of the places you can eat at on campus is listed below.

With these plans you can access both on- and offcampus locations without having to carry cash. For instance, students can use the flex portion of a meal plan to dine-in or order from several off-campus vendors, including: East Side Marios, Kelseys, Basilique, Boston Pizza, Mahal, Pizza Pizza, Gino’s Pizza, Twelve Eighty and Pita Pit.

If you are planning on attending McMaster in September 2017, please visit hospitality.mcmaster.ca for detailed information on meal plans prices, dining facilities and our daily/weekly menus.

Debit Card System
The convenient and secure Mac Express Meal Plans for residence students save you up to 13% on your food purchases, and work on a flexible debit card system. A meal plan holder can decide when to eat, what to eat and how much to spend based on oneís choice at any locations during operating hours by McMaster University Hospitality Services.

Dining Facilities

  • Booster Juice Logo

    Booster Juice | McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) McMaster Booster Juice is a juice and smoothie bar dedicated to providing you with the premium smoothie experience. Its products are energetic, fun, natural and downright addictive – perfect for today’s healthy, active lifestyles.

    Booster Juice has carefully crafted over 26 different varieties of smoothies which are packed with the highest quality fruit and natural sorbet, combined with 100% pure juice, live-cultured yogurt and an herbal/nutritional booster. Infact, most of Booster Juice’s smoothies contain over four servings of fruit (a whole days worth!) and less than one gram of fat.

    Bridges Logo

    Bridges Cafè | Refectory
    Being voted as the best vegetarian Friendly College in Canada, McMaster University opens this facility from a student-based initiative. This unique vegetarian/vegan location caters to the ideological and religious dietary needs of the McMaster community. The menu at Bridges Cafè includes: vegetarian items, freshly prepared meals, pre-made foods and foods that cater to religious and dietary restrictions/accommodate special needs.

    ByMac Logo

    bymac | David Braley Athletic Centre
    Located on the first floor of the David Braley Athletic Centre, bymac features the latest in dining trends: freshly custom-made grilled sandwiches, Pizza Pizza, Freshens an innovative juice concept, and Tim Hortons.

    CafeOne Logo

    Cafè One | Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery
    This active shop provides Tim Hortons coffee and a variety of grab-and-go snacks and beverages. Picking up an energy boost has never been easier.

    CaFFeINe Logo

    CaFFeINe, the elements | Burke Science Building, 1st floor
    This location was named by a McMaster student and provides customers with gourmet coffee and various grab-and-go snacks and cold beverages.


    Centro Logo

    CENTRO | Commons Building, 2nd floor
    CENTRO is a newly renovated dining facility located in the heart of the North Quad residences. This exciting new dining space encourages student interaction in a dynamic and comfortable environment, with fresh and healthy food choices that are prepared in sight of guests. CENTRO dining options include: A La Carte, Centre Stage, Pizzeria Fusion, Wok Our Way, Greens & More, Fresh Chop, Needa Sub, PasNoodles and On the Go.

    E-Cafe Logo

    E-Cafè | Engineering Technology Building
    McMaster Universityís first Eco-Friendly Cafè is now open. The E-Cafè is energy efficient and promotes sustainable products. It is housed in the Engineering Technology Building, McMasterís newest building, designed/constructed to a LEED (Leadership in Energyand Environmental Design) standard.

    East Meets West Bistro Logo

    East Meets West Bistro | Mary E. Keyes residence ñ Main Floor
    With an award-winning menu which changes 3 times each academic year, this trendy location features all the quality of a casual elegant restaurant right on campus. Dining options include: brick oven pizza, rotisserie grill, International & Continental cuisine and
    Asian wok.

    IAHS Cafe Logo

    IAHS Cafè | Institute Applied Health Science Building
    This upscale cafè features a multi-menu concept including Hot-Off-The-Press, i-Salad, Pillerís Deli, Pizza Pizza and Tim Hortons. For a healthy dining option try the i-Salad station where delicious salads are made fresh daily, right before your eyes just the way you like it.

    La Piazza Logo La Piazza | McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)
    Located in the MUSC, a hub of student activity, La Piazza offers a wide variety of options including: Bakery Magnifique, Creation X Grill, Piller’s Deli, Pizza Pizza, Tomasitoís pasta bar and Tim Hortons.

    Fireball Café Logo Fireball Café | John Hodgins Engineering Building
    This convenient location offers students, faculty and staff a chance to grab a quick and enjoyable snack on their way across campus. The convenient availability and prompt service at this location attracts those with hectic schedules that require high energy and strength. You can find fresh brewed coffee, doughnuts, muffins, cold beverages, pastries and sandwiches at the Fireball Café.

  • Starbucks Logo

    Starbucks Coffee | McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)



    Reactor Cafe LogoThe Reactor Cafè | H.G. Thode Library
    Busy studying hard at Thode Library? Take a break and enjoy a quick and appetizing bite to eat and a drink. Delicious paninis and extreme smoothies are available along with Far Coast coffee.

    Teriyaki Experience Logo Made in Japan | McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)
    This franchise offers food made with Japanese simplicity and healthier food preparation. By cooking with only water, not oil, fat and calories are minimized and flavour is maximized. The results are great tasting meals that are delicious and well-balanced.

    Math Café Logo

    Math Cafè | James L. Stewart Center – Hamilton Hall
    Located in the middle of the dynamic James L. Stewart Center for Mathematics in Hamilton Hall, Math Café offers an interactive learning space to cooperatively and creatively explore mathematics. With delicious specialty coffees and an assortment of desserts that are perfect for grabbing a convenient snack or lingering over a calculation on it’s chalkboards, the Math Café adds up to be an exciting and stimulating place to be.

    Mini Mac Logo

    My Mini Mac | Mary E. Keyes Residence
    For students on the go, My Mini Mac, located right beside East Meets West Bistro, offers a variety of fast and healthy pitas from Needa Pita as well as delicious beverages and pastries from Tim Hortons. It’s an excellent and welcoming location for those seeking convenience and quality food. This location also offers a multiplicity of unique and appetizing grab-and-go snacks and beverages that will certainly fulfill everyone’s appetites!

    Tim Hortons Logo

    Tim Hortons | McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)
    Tim Hortons’ focus on top quality, always fresh products, value and great service makes it a popular place to grab a bite to eat. Specializing in always fresh coffee, baked goods and home-style lunches, stop by Tim Hortons at our various locations to fulfill your appetites!

    Williams Fresh Café Logo

    Williams Fresh Cafè | Health Sciences Building & McMaster University Student Centre
    Williams Fresh Cafè specializes in preparing gourmet coffees and specialty beverages, such as fruit smoothies and iced drinks, as well as decadent pastries and desserts. Visitors to McMaster’s Student Centre or Health Sciences Centre can stop by at Williams to pick up a delicious treat before taking a break with friends or sitting down to study.

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