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  • Overview

    Our general Level I program gives you the opportunity to study and explore the diverse and multidisciplinary areas in the Social Sciences. It provides you with a year to discover and focus your academic interests, so you can then feel ready to apply to a program or combined program within the Social Sciences, or to combine your passion for Social Sciences with other subject areas outside of Social Sciences. Social scientists at McMaster come from a variety of backgrounds. They share a curiosity about individuals and society and use a number of approaches and research methods to advance our understanding of individuals, groups and social relationships and activities.

    Collage of athletes, working groups, and experiential education

    Study in the Social Sciences at McMaster will help you to engage with some of the most compelling questions in contemporary society: How did we get here? Where should we be going? How should we organize our economy? How do different institutions in society shape our experiences? How might we achieve a just society? Studying the Social Sciences will stimulate your curiosity, encourage you to seek the answers to important questions and develop the skills you need to engage the world around you.

    Why Social Sciences at McMaster?

    The Faculty of Social Sciences at McMaster University offers you an educational experience of the highest quality. After our students complete their studies, they enjoy considerable success whether they go to graduate school, continue their education in some other way or enter the job market.

    The flexibility of your first year in the Faculty of Social Sciences will help you to discover your interests by giving you the opportunity to take courses from a wide variety of disciplines.

    First-year courses are designed to provide an overview of each discipline and to help you to choose a major (or majors) best suited to your interests and learning style. Elective courses taken to complement your studies may be selected from other Faculties, subject to meeting prerequisites.

  • Admission Details

    Admission Average & Requirements

    OUAC Application Code: ML

    Target Enrolment: 1000 Students


    Web Links


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    Program Statistics

    30 universities available for exchange and 30 students on exchange

    Social Sciences offers:

    12 departments of study are available
    260 degree combinations
    3 McMaster/Mohawk affiliated certificates


InfographicExperiential Education
The Faculty of Social Sciences offers an education that combines academic study with hands-on experience – we call it Experiential Education. This unique blend provides you with the opportunity to:

  • participate in the diverse learning strategies used by our award-winning professors, including: field trips, simulations, computer-mediated experiments and academic placements within the community
  • pursue a placement or practicum that allows you to develop professional skills in the field while earning academic credit
  • test drive your career choices before graduation through our paid internships, career placements or volunteer opportunities.


A well-rounded education can lead to success! Through our Experiential Education office you can participate in exciting immersive learning programs that will provide a solid foundation for a successful career.


Typical Timetable

Typical Timetable


  • McMaster’s Faculty of Social Sciences is currently based in Kenneth Taylor Hall, with departments and facilities spread throughout our campus.

    L.R. Wilson Hall 
    L. R. Wilson Hall for Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities(our new $55 million home) opened in September 2016 and includes innovative classrooms, lecture halls, research space, a black-box theatre and a concert hall.

    Please refer to our Virtual Tour ( for images/videos of our facilities.

Profiles & Alumni

  • Marissa Ledger 
    Medical Student, University of Alberta 
    BA (Hons.) Anthropology, BSc Life Sciences ’14

  • John Williams
    Project Manager for the Hamilton Conservation Authority 
    BA (Hons.) Political Science ’11, BA Geography ’12

  • Phyllis Phiri 
    Strategy Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Prevention Office
    BA (Hons.) Labour Studies and Political Science ’12

For a list of student profiles, please refer to the Faculty of Social Sciences website.

Careers or Options Beyond This Program

Graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences have moved on to various fields/careers, including:

    • Archaeologist 
    • Arbitrators 
    • Author and Editor 
    • Bereavement Counsellor 
    • Child & Family Therapist 
    • Corporate Communications (PR) 
    • Corporate Sponsorship 
    • Corporate/Community Relations 
    • Community Outreach Workers 
    • Conflict Resolution 
    • Entrepreneur 
    • Fundraising 
    • Financial Planning / Forcasting 
    • GIS Analyst 
    • Government 
    • Health Care 
    • High School Teacher 
    • Human Resources 
    • Human Rights 
    • Immigration/Settlement Services 
    • International Aid Work 
    • Lawyer 
    • Librarian 
    • Marketing 
    • Mediation 
    • Municipal Government (Policy & Community Engagement) 
    • Museum Archivist 
    • Music Therapist 
    • Police Officer 
    • Recruiter 
    • Policy Analyst / Researcher 
    • Real Estate 
    • Social Media / Journalism 
    • Social Worker 
    • Speech Language Pathology 

For additional information about McMaster Social Sciences programs, please refer to the Faculty of Social Sciences website.