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  • Overview

    Midwives are primary health care providers who care for and advise women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period; and provide care for newborn babies. Midwives have well-developed interpersonal skills and are competent in areas of health education, counselling and interprofessional collaboration. Midwives’ expertise in the care of normal pregnancy and childbirth arises from their understanding of childbearing as a social, cultural and biological process and from their ability to competently exercise clinical skills and decision-making. Midwifery is potentially one of the most important components of women’s health care in Ontario. Midwifery education provides the base for sound professional practice. The educational program is an integral part of the evolution of the profession of midwifery in Ontario and is a leader in midwifery education in Canada. The program helps create future leaders and teachers. It assures practice and teaching as a continuum so that learning environments become available across Ontario.

    The Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University is a collaborative venture shared by McMaster, Ryerson and Laurentian Universities, and leads to a Bachelor of Health Sciences (B.H.Sc.) in Midwifery.


  • Admission Details

    OUAC Application Code: MY

    Target Enrollment: 30 Students (McMaster Site)



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Why Midwifery at McMaster?

McMaster University offers a long-standing reputation as Canada’s “most innovative” university. McMaster has pioneered a number of programs that have changed how professors teach and students learn.

McMaster’s philosophy toward health sciences education is community-oriented, people-centered, interdisciplinary and problem-based. Our students are exposed very early to patients and their problems in settings ranging from community health care practices to specialized hospital services. Professional teamwork is emphasized.

The midwifery faculty members are highly respected leaders in the midwifery profession. Faculty also maintain clinical practice. They regularly publish in professional journals and give presentations in national and international forums.

Graduates from our BHSc (Midwifery) program are eligible for registration in Ontario and meet internationally accepted standards. Career prospects are excellent. McMaster midwifery graduates have worked in midwifery practices across Ontario, in other parts of Canada and the world.

Typical Timetable

Typical Timetable
For more information on McMaster’s classroom and teaching facilities, please refer to our Virtual Tour at http://tours.mcmaster.ca .