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  • Overview

    The Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program has a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of health, wellness and illness. It offers students an understanding of health from biological, behavioural and population-based perspectives, through the integration of foundation and applied sciences.

    Health Sciences is the only program in Ontario that draws on the full range of departments within health sciences, including clinical departments of medicine, pathology and molecular medicine, psychiatry and behavioural neurosciences, clinical epidemiology and biostatistics. Exposure to health care practitioners and applied researchers will lend relevance and scope to the foundation sciences through class instruction, which will form the basis of the students’ experiences.

    Why Health Sciences at McMaster?

    Health Sciences examines issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective with viewpoints derived from science, engineering, humanities, social sciences and business. The Faculty of Health Sciences is world-renowned for its teaching methods.


    • unique interdisciplinary program
    • McMaster is known internationally for expertise in the use of problem-based, self-directed learning and the development of leadership qualities
    • integrative approach to the study of health related issues
    • courses that use a variety of learning methods including Inquiry Seminars, designed to develop skills that will facilitate learning and effective participation in students’ university experience and future careers
    • state-of-the-art Health Sciences Library
    • small class size allowing for greater contact with professors and increased opportunity for class participation
    • exciting curriculum over a four-year program
    • Level IV students provide peer mentorship to support and guide students in first year inquiry
    • Anatomy Lab – use of cadavers for the study of the human body
    • Standardized Patients (actors trained to portray heath care scenarios) provide an interactive learning experience
  • Admission Details

    OUAC Application Code: MNS

    Target Enrollment: 200 students

    + Admission Average & Requirements

    Note: Admission to Health Sciences also requires the submission of a Supplementary Application, due: MID-FebRUARY, 2018



    Web Links

    Bachelor of Health Sciences Program on TwitterFaculty of Health Sciences on TwitterFaculty of Health Sciences on YouTube


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    Health Sciences Library
    Bachelor of Health Sciences Lounge

    To view photos/images of some of the outlined facilities, please refer to our Virtual Tour.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Traditional co-op and internships opportunities are not available in the BHSc program, however, there are a number of experiential learning opportunities built into various Health Sciences courses.

  • Project Courses

  • Communication & Standardized Patients

  • Engaging The City

Typical Timetable

BHSc Sample Timetable

Chemistry 1A03 Laboratory meets every other week.