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  • Overview

    A BFA is recognized as being the premier professional qualification for those who wish to qualify for entrance to a Master of Fine Arts program and to pursue a career in art.

    Studio art at McMaster is a small, highly-selective program, giving students exceptional opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of numerous areas of study, including printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting, mixed-media, installation, and ceramics/foundry. Along with major studio courses, this allows students to build a significant body of work and to explore and develop their artistic talents.

    A BFA prepares students for a range of career options. Many of our graduates become professional artists. Others have become teachers, arts administrators, lawyers and business owners, just to name a few. Our program teaches skills in self-motivation, problem solving, entrepreneurship, flexibility under pressure, emotional intelligence, inter-cultural communication, and visual literacy, all of which are in demand in today’s workplace environment.

  • Admission Details

    OUAC Application Code: MHS
    Admission Average & Requirements
    Note: A Portfolio interview is required as part of the admission process.

    Target Enrollment: 30 students


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Why Bachelor of Fine Art at McMaster?

BFA programs are currently offered at a number of Ontario institutions, however, McMaster’s program is unique in its focus on sustainable art practise, opportunities for foundry experience (one of just three locations in the province), team-teaching, collaborative opportunities, links with Engineering (collaborative learning), and the use of McMaster Museum of Art resources. At McMaster, the BFA is a direct-entry program. This means that students are identified as being art students (rather than general Humanities students) from their very first year. The name of this dedicated level 1 program is ‘Studio Art 1′.

Environmentally-Responsible Studio Practice
One of the unique features of the McMaster BFA is its belief in environmentally-responsible studio practice. While there are pockets of expertise and creative work being done across the globe by concerned artists, McMaster is alone in Canada in declaring a program commitment to this initiative.

McMaster Museum of Art
Housing one of the best university art collections anywhere in the country, the museum is a fantastic on-campus resource for artists and art lovers, allowing students to examine first-hand internationally acclaimed historic and contemporary art works. It is also the location for the art students’ graduating show.

Art and Artists in Hamilton
Hamilton is a fantastic location for artists and is home to a rapidly-growing arts sector. In fact, the ratio of artists located in city is well above the national average! Hamilton now boasts over 30 exhibition spaces in addition to the Art Gallery of Hamilton and McMaster Museum of Art.

  • Profiles & Alumni

    Program Statistics

  • Facilities

    A recent $3 million gift from Dr. Robert Fitzhenry in honour of his late wife Andrée, means the art studios at McMaster have received a complete face lift!

    Brand new in 2015, the beautifully modernized and expanded Fitzhenry Studios provide art students with an even better environment for study, collaboration and creation! Our students also benefit from:

    • print studio focusing on sustainable practice
    • bronze and aluminum casting foundry
    • wood and metal shops
    • ceramics studio
    • painting and drawing studios
    • fibre arts centre
    • professional gallery setting for student critiques
    • student and community gallery for public exhibitions