Applicant Portal Guide

Using Mosaic
  •  STEP 1: Load the Mosaic Application Portal 

    Visit – this is the initial screen that will greet you.

  • Screenshot of
  •  STEP 2: Activate Your MacID 

    In order to access Mosaic, you are first required to Activate your MAC ID. This can be done by clicking the hyperlinked text above the image and filling in the information in the pop-up window that appears.

    Note: Mosaic requires you to enable / allow pop-up windows in your browser to view various external links.

    You will be required to enter your Student Number, Barcode, and Date of Birth. You can find this information on your application acknowledgement letter, which you would have received via e-mail.

    Once this is complete, you will be able to proceed to Step 3.

  • Image of MAC ID Activation Section of Applicant Portal Home Page
  •  STEP 3: Login With Your MAC ID 

    Once you have successfully activated your MAC ID, login with your MAC ID and password.

    Note: DO NOT press your browser’s BACK button at any point of your Mosaic session.

  • Screenshot of MAC ID Login Box
  •  STEP 4: The Home Tab 

    Upon a successful login, the initial screen that greets you will contain a number of different sections.

    The left side of your screen contains the ‘News and Information’, ‘More Applicant Information’ and ‘My Favourite Links’ sections.

    The News and Information section contains any pertinent dates and general information regarding the application and admission process.

    The ‘More Applicant Information’ section features the latest content on the Future Students site RSS feed, found at

    The final section, ‘My Favourite Links’, is for when you are a McMaster student and wish to bookmark particular pages within Mosaic for easy access – a very convenient tool.

  • Screenshot of left column/section of (News & Information, More Info, My Favourite Links)
  •  STEP 5: The ‘Student Center’ Tab 

    Near the top left corner of your screen you will be able to select the ‘Student Center’ tab that will take you to the Student Center page.

    This page contains sections on Academics, Finances, Personal Information and Admissions.

    Information regarding the use of the Academics and Finances sections will be forwarded to you once you have decided to attend McMaster and are about to commence the enrollment process (they can be ignored for now).

    As an applicant, you should verify that the Personal Information present is up to date and correct, altering it on OUAC if needed.

    Under the Admissions heading is the same chart presented on the Home page, regarding the status of your application(s).

    The most important headings as applicants are PlanResponse Due Date, Status,Supp App and Requirements .

    The Plan heading is simply the program(s) you have applied to at McMaster University.

    The Response Due Date column lists the date that you will be required to a respond to any Offers of Admission later in the application process.

    The Status is the stage of processing that your application is in (use the legend above to see possible options).

    The Supp App column will provide a link to any required supplementary applications that you are required to completed in order to be considered for specific programs(s).

    The Requirements are simply that – the documents, test results or English proficiency requirements that need to be completed before you can be a successful applicant.

  • Screenshot of sections (Academics, Finances, Personal Information) under the Mosaic "Student Centre" Tab.