Make McMaster a Safe Sender

Email is the primary communication tool for Admissions at McMaster University.  Important messages outlining the next steps required to complete your application and other important information will be sent to the email address associated with your application.  So after submitting an online application, please add the domain to your email ‘safe senders’ list and check your junk email box regularly

Hotmail / Outlook Users Gmail Users            

Hotmail / Outlook users: (.pdf version)

In order to ensure McMaster University can successfully send emails, please add us to your ‘Safe Senders List’ by using these directions:

  1. 1.  Log into Hotmail
  2. 2.  In the top right of your inbox, click “Options” and then select “More Options”
  3. 3.  Under “Junk Email” click “Safe and Blocked Senders”
  4. 4.  Under “Safe and Blocked Senders” click “Safe Senders”
  5. 5.  Type in and in the “Sender or domain to mark as safe” entry field and click “Add to List”

Gmail users: (.pdf version)

Gmail accounts have been redesigned to automatically filter communications from large institutions like McMaster and categorize them as ‘Promotions’.  By creating a filter for emails from, you will ensure that all correspondence with our office is delivered to your primary inbox.  Please add  to your ‘safe sender’ list in Gmail by following these instructions:

  1. 1.  Log into Gmail
  2. 2.  Click on the Settings icon (top right of screen – it looks like a gear).
  3. 3.  Choose “Settings” from the list.
  4. 4.  Click “Filters” at the top of the page.
  5. 5.  Click “Create a new filter”.
  6. 6.  In the “From” box in the next window, type
  7. 7.  Click “Create filter with this search” at the bottom of the page.
  8. 8.  Click “Never send it to Spam” and “Always mark it as important”.
  9. 9.  Click “Create filter” button.