Mature Applicants

What is a mature student?

If you do not qualify for admission consideration under the high school or college categories, McMaster will assess your eligibility as a mature student. You may be considered for limited admission, provided both of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. You have not attended secondary school or college on a full-time basis for at least two years.
  2. You have never attended university.

Applicants admitted as mature students will not be granted transfer credit.

Which programs admit mature students, and what are the requirements?

Programs in the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences have no specific course requirements for Mature Student admission. 

Environmental & Earth Sciences Life Sciences
requires satisfactory standing in three Ontario Grade 12 U (or equivalent) Mathematics and Science requirements. requires satisfactory standing in three Ontario Grade 12 U (or equivalent) Mathematics and Science requirements.
Business Mathematics & Statistics
requires satisfactory completion of a Grade 12 U Mathematics course (or equivalent). requires satisfactory standing in Grade 12 U Advanced Functions, and Calculus & Vectors (or equivalent).
Physical Sciences
requires satisfactory standing in four Ontario Grade 12 U (or equivalent) Mathematics and Science requirements, as described in the Subject Requirements for Specific Level I Programs in the Admission Requirements section of the current Undergraduate Calendar.

Which programs do not admit mature students?

The Faculty of Engineering (including Engineering, Computer Science, and Bachelor of Technology programs), the Arts & Science Program, the Bachelor of Health Sciences I Program, the Medical Radiation Sciences I Program, the Kinesiology I Program, the Midwifery Program, the Integrated Sciences I Program, Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences Program and Integrated Business and Humanities Program do not admit mature students.

The Nursing program does not offer mature admission directly to the program. However, students interested in Nursing may be admitted as mature students to another program in order to complete university prerequisite courses for later consideration for admission to Nursing I. Enrolment in this program is limited. Possession of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. In order to be reviewed for internal transfer to Nursing, students must complete the following processes:

If admitted to a program as a mature student, you may register to take up to 18 units of coursework (normally Level I courses) during the Fall/Winter session with no more than nine units in each term (three courses). Within the first 18 units, mature students will be limited to taking three units in each term of the Spring/Summer session. Upon completion of 18 units, your performance will be reviewed according to the general academic regulations of the university (See Level I Registration and Academic Standing Requirements under General Academic Regulations)