Continuing Students

Continuing Student

At McMaster, a Continuing Student is defined as a graduate from an undergraduate program who wishes to take undergraduate courses out of general interest, to upgrade, or to complete requirements for future applications to graduate studies or other professional programs.

To be eligible to take courses as a Continuing Student you will be expected to have an undergraduate university degree with an overall, minimum ‘C’ average and no failures in your final year’s work (or the equivalent in the case of a degree taken through part-time study).  Academic records will be reviewed and must be satisfactory to the department and/or the Office of the Associate Dean of the appropriate faculty at McMaster.

As a Continuing Student with a non-McMaster degree, you need only apply formally through the OUAC (and register) in the first instance. A step-by step guide can be found at the Application Process Overview page.  An official transcript indicating ‘degree granted’ will be required and if course(s) have specific Grade 12 prerequisites, an official high school transcript as well. The McMaster Continuing Student Courses of Interest Form will need to be sent to Admissions shortly after the application is completed. Please note that in subsequent sessions, a Continuing Student need not reapply but submit a list of additional courses to the Office of the Associate Dean of the appropriate Faculty for approval and proceed to online registration.

To see a list of courses offered, please visit the Master Course Timetable. If you have any additional questions about McMaster course offerings, descriptions, or academic policies, you can find them in the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar

Please note not all courses will be available as some courses are limited to those registered within specific degree programs and all are subject to space limitations. Prerequisites for course(s) must be met and you are advised to review the course descriptions in the online undergraduate calendar for detailed prerequisite information.  Acceptance as a Continuing Student carries no implications with respect to acceptance in the School of Graduate Studies. If you plan to proceed to a graduate degree you should apply directly to the specific department of your program of interest.

If you are a graduate of a McMaster undergraduate degree program and wish to continue to take courses after you have graduated; i.e. become a continuing student, you do not need to apply through Admissions. Please contact the Office of the Registrar prior to attempting to register for courses. For registration information please visit our Getting Registered website.